Case Study

Building Brand Equity and Differentiation in Higher Education



University of Cincinnati Online



Higher Education


Goals & Objective

Build brand equity by increasing trust and authenticity, expand reach to a more engaged audience, and positively influence the entire marketing funnel.

The Challenge

In the crowded landscape of higher education, UC Online faced the challenge of standing out and carving a unique identity. Traditional advertising methods in the higher education sector offered little room for creativity and differentiation.


To establish brand preference and equity, UC Online recognized the need to leverage its uniqueness, longevity, reputation, and offerings to set itself apart from competitors.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Oodle developed a comprehensive strategy built around a long-term creative approach that would serve as the foundation for all campaign content.


This strategy centered on three distinct messaging pillars: Student, Support, and University.


This approach ensured that UCO consistently delivered content that mattered to its target audience, fostering trust and authenticity in the process.