Case Study

Driving Sales and Brand Building in the Large Appliances Industry

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Premium Levella



Large Appliances
(Commercial & Residential)


Goals & Objective

Drive sales for core products — both residential and commercial, and build brand awareness in a competitive market.

The Challenge

Premium Levella, a leading player in the large appliances industry, was experiencing limited growth despite offering high-quality products. The lack of strong brand awareness in a highly competitive marketplace, coupled with limited buyer data, hindered their ability to compete effectively.

Additionally, to remain budget-conscious, they needed to demonstrate the direct impact of their marketing efforts on sales.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges head-on, we launched a pilot marketing campaign on Amazon to boost immediate sales while carefully collecting data to evaluate channel effectiveness and plan for full-funnel media activations.


Upon pilot completion, we went all in on Amazon (with some support from paid search). We implemented a multi-pronged tactical approach including, sponsored products and videos as well as retargeting.


We also conducted specific campaigns targeting product categories and competitors — ensuring a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Project Elements

  • Amazon Sponsored Products Auto (Broad Keyword Exploration)
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Manual (Top Performing Keywords)
  • Amazon Product Visitor Retargeting (Visitors 7 - 14 days)
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Video 90DX Product (feature product)
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Video 65DX Product (feature product)
  • Amazon Brand Store Spotlight Ad (Brand Awareness)
  • Paid Search (Google)