Case Study

EyeMed’s Ecosystem Overhaul: A Unified Vision for Success



Luxottica / EyeMed



Healthcare (Eye Care Insurance)


Goals & Objective

Consolidate and redesign their disparate websites and create an ADA-compliant, unified digital brand experience as the most digitally savvy brand in their space.

The Challenge

Luxottica/EyeMed faced a significant challenge as they operated five major business lines, each with its own stakeholders, website and microsites, color palette, and design. This fragmented approach led to user confusion and inconsistency in how clients interacted with the brand. EyeMed recognized the need to establish a cohesive brand presence to enhance the digital customer experience.

The Solution

We took a phased approach to tackle EyeMed's challenges, starting with personas and buyer journeys, followed by extensive research and analysis of the existing website architecture. This guided our approach to overhauling EyeMed’s digital ecosystem — building a fresh experience on a solid foundation.


EyeMed's journey from fragmented websites to a unified brand experience highlights the importance of strategic thinking and effective execution in digital transformation and brand consolidation.