Case Study

Engineering E-commerce Success for AirHeads



Perfetti Van Melle - AirHeads



CPG - Confectionery


Goals & Objective

Launch direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce capability for limited-edition campaign and integrate with existing inventory management and fulfillment system.

The Challenge

Perfetti Van Melle’s AirHeads partnered with spokesman Alivn Kamara Jr of the New Orleans Saints to sell a limited edition AirHeads product directly to consumers. To do so, AirHeads needed a custom solution that would allow them to host sales natively while seamlessly integrating with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and inventory management systems. The goal was to seamlessly receive orders from online e-commerce customers, process the orders, and fulfill them with an automated tech stack.

The Strategy & Solution

To bridge this gap, Oodle engineered a custom microsite leveraging the best-in-class Shopify e-commerce platform. Utilizing Shopify allowed us to integrate seamlessly with AirHeads’ existing tech stack.


Key to the project’s success was the microsite’s integration with AirHeads’ inventory management system. This ensured that each customer order was directly linked to the fulfillment process, enabling quick and efficient shipping. The development of the site was prioritized for rapid deployment and budget efficiency, ensuring that the project was completed swiftly without sacrificing quality or functionality.


The Results

7:1 Return on Investment (ROI)

The implementation of the microsite was a resounding success. Customers found the platform easy to navigate, resulting in a smooth and hassle-free ordering process.


The Takeaways


Autonomous E-commerce

From brand presentation to pricing and fulfillment, self-managed e-commerce allows you to tailor your shopping experience to your user.


Strategic Tech Integration

Seamlessly integrating e-commerce and existing systems improves operational efficiency & CX, making the entire sales process smoother.


Efficiency in Execution

Leveraging best-in-class solutions allows businesses to quickly adapt to market changes & customer demands.

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