Benefits of Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel


No doubt, you’ve heard about the marketing funnel by this point (unless you live under a rock like Patrick Star). But have you ever found yourself wondering what it all actually means? We broke it down for you in this simple downloadable so you can keep it in your back pocket.

One of the most important parts of building a fully-connected digital marketing ecosystem is understanding the customer and their needs as they engage with your brand during the buying journey. As their needs change, the ways you reach and engage with them also need to change.

Here we walk you through the marketing funnel and identify some of the marketing tactics you’ll use to connect with your audience. 


At this high-funnel phase you are reaching the broadest audience – making them aware of your product or service, and presenting them with a solution to a problem they may not realize they have. This is where  you begin to build brand recognition and connect with potential customers with engaging content.

Why it’s Important

This stage allows a brand to attract broad audiences that exhibit intent towards your brand, product, or service. It’s not only about generating new leads, but also growing a relationship with those who’ve already shown an interest in your brand. It engages with your audience and entices them to take the next step.

Digital Marketing Tactics:
  • Behavioral Programmatic
  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic Prospecting
  • Content Marketing (blog articles)


So a potential customer realizes they need what you’re selling. Now they’re in the “shopping around” mindset – trying to figure out whose product/service best meets their needs. At this point you need to wow them and stand out from the crowd of competitors with important educational information about your product or service.

Why it’s Important

Audiences at this stage of the funnel are heavily swayed and converted by precise solutions to their problems. Reaching buyers at this stage allows you to better develop and articulate your brand’s values in a consistent and meaningful way.

Digital Marketing Tactics:
  • Contextual Programmatic
  • Native Advertising
  • Digital PR
  • Organic and Paid Social
  • Content Marketing (how-to videos, case studies)
  • Email Marketing


This stage is all about strengthening the prospect’s intent to purchase. They’re almost there – you just need to give them the extra push they need to choose your brand over the competition.

Why it’s Important

The buyer journey isn’t complete until your lead converts. This stage allows you to test intentional variance in marketing offer messaging to understand which leads to highest and most quality conversion.

Digital Marketing Tactics:
  • Paid search
  • Programmatic Retargeting
  • Organic Content
  • Email Marketing


This is the smallest group in the funnel: previous buyers. This stage is about providing post-purchase support, and reminding them why they chose you in the first place – inspiring them to buy from you again.

Why it’s Important

It is said time and again that it is less expensive to retain customers than it is to get new ones. This audience can be nurtured as lifetime customers – providing testimonials and referrals that legitimize your brand.

Digital Marketing Tactics:
  • Retargeting
  • Organic Social
  • Email Marketing

The best way to gain customers – and keep them – is to follow them through their journey to deliver the right message at the right time. Feel like you fall short in one of these areas? Don’t worry, we’re experts at executing full-funnel strategies. Drop us a line and let’s chat to connect your entire digital ecosystem.