8 Reasons to Hire a Centralized Marketing Agency


Why Centralized Marketing is a Must

Some things are great for DIY–refinishing Grandma’s old dresser, building a birdhouse, trying your hand at container gardening. But when it comes to marketing, there are some serious benefits to hiring a professional.

A full-service digital marketing agency can streamline your marketing efforts and maximize the potential of every campaign. What about hiring different agencies to piecemeal different strategies? While this could potentially benefit you short term, it could hurt your overall marketing program in the long term. Here’s why housing all your marketing efforts under one roof is the best way to establish an efficient, cohesive strategy that will see your brand, company or product ROI soar to new heights.

8 Benefits to Hiring One Centralized Marketing Agency

  1. Efficiency
    Hiring one digital marketing agency for all your marketing needs means that you can hand over the keys to one person/group and let them take it from there. There’s no need to juggle Person A for graphics, Person B for strategy and Person C for copywriting. You can focus on running your company while the agency creates and manages all the pieces for each marketing campaign or strategy.
  2. Better Communication
    Even small misunderstandings can have big consequences for your business in both time and money. Allowing one centralized marketing team to handle all of the project management and communication for every campaign helps ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.
  3. Enhanced Creativity
    A centralized marketing team fosters collaboration and creativity. With one single group of marketing and creative professionals brainstorming and facilitating the best solutions, you get the power of many creative minds working together as one team.
  4. Greater Continuity
    Having one marketing account manager running one team of creatives and marketing professionals means everyone is familiar with your entire portfolio and brand identity. This translates to a more cohesive marketing strategy and campaigns with one voice that is instantly recognizable amongst your audience.
  5. Expertise
    A seasoned full-service digital marketing agency like Oodle is well-versed in creating performance-driven campaigns and can provide the data and evidence to back it up. With a team of experts in branding, design, content, SEO and more at your back, your digital marketing campaigns are guaranteed to be fresh, on-trend and results-driven.
  6. Partnership
    Working with a single digital marketing agency allows you to develop a professional relationship that fosters success for you both. The marketing and creative professionals from the agency get to know your brand, goals and company culture. And in turn, you build the trust and transparency that allows you to achieve better results faster.
  7. Cost-Effectiveness
    More often than not, the cost of hiring a full-scale digital marketing agency to run your marketing campaigns is less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee internally. Plus, you get all the benefits of multiple marketing and creative minds working together as a team to create the best marketing solutions for your business.
  8. Scalability
    Instead of having to internally hire all the professionals it takes to execute winning marketing strategies and campaigns, partnering with a marketing agency allows you to start small and grow as you’re able.

At-home meat processing equipment maker LEM Products saw firsthand just how beneficial hiring a full-service digital marketing agency could be when Oodle took over all their product and consumer marketing campaigns.

With in-depth customer research, consistent messaging and data-based campaign strategies, we helped LEM build a better rapport with their niche customer-base and compete with big-box stores like Bass Pro and Cabela’s for record-breaking ROI.

We saw:

  • A 290% ROI on year-round ad spend
  • A 10% increase in total ecommerce revenue year-over-year
  • A 33% increase in site traffic
  • A 35% increase in revenue from Black Friday ads

Pretty meaty results, right? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more? We’d love to chat with you about how we can take charge of all your marketing efforts and drive awesome results, too.