Testing 1, 2, 3


We see the results of testing everywhere we go. Your car? Tests were made to make it the safest and most comfortable it could be. The chair you’re sitting in? It was tested to make it stylish while still being able to support weight.

If everything else in our lives is tested, why aren’t your ads?

When it comes to paid ads, there is no ONE right way to do them. It varies industry to industry, platform to platform, and even company to company. There are infinite variables that go into running a successful campaign, so why don’t we test to make them as successful as possible?

When it comes to digital ads, you can test anything from placements and ad formats (like video vs. static), to keywords and demographics. The best way to implement this, and to have a true A/B test, is to have one “control” ad where nothing changes and one “test” ad where you choose one variable to change. EG. If you want to test whether a local or national approach would work best, make two identical ads with the only difference being one is targeted locally and one is targeted nationally.

Check out our tips for the best A/B test results or download here.

Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or gather more leads, testing on your ads will help you collect the data you need to achieve your ad goals. Try testing on a small scale and see what results it can yield for you!