Oodle Makes Best Places to Work in Cincinnati Once Again


We think we can all agree 2020 has been a weird year for everyone. From “murder hornets” and Australia’s wild fires to Covid and quarantine, nothing feels normal anymore. But working for a great company with a bunch of weirdos and self-proclaimed nerds as teammates can really take the edge off.

2020 marks the fourth time in the last five years that Oodle has made the Cincinnati Business Courier list for Best Places to Work – in the most competitive category: small business – and for good reason. Though we’ve been strictly working from home since March, the team has been able to stay close and champion our core values.

1. Do Awesome Shit.

“One thing I like about Oodle is that they encourage career growth! I’ve been able to get involved and trained in a couple different areas outside of my initial job description just by voicing my interest in them.” – Tyler Barnett | Digital Media Specialist

“I love that not one day is the same for me at Oodle. We work on so many cool projects and clients that I’m absolutely never bored and it’s so rewarding to see the results we’re driving at all levels of media spend.“ – Hannah Brown | Senior Digital Media Specialist

2. We’re Stronger Together

“Working at Oodle is great because of how many different departments we’re able to collaborate with and all of the great work we output on a daily basis. I’ve been here 1 year and seen our largest media client double in size and another launch campaigns on a global scale with us…. all due to the awesome people and amazing work we output!” – Katie Hendricks | Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

3. Be Good Humans.

“After taking what I call my “two-year sabbatical” in the world of non-profit, I was excited to bring The Cure Starts Now back with me as a pro bono client for Oodle. I am so glad that we are able to use our skills and talents to help them further their mission of finding the Homerun Cure to all cancers by focusing on pediatric cancer. It’s very rewarding for our team to know that what they are doing for [The Cure Starts Now] is actively helping children battling cancer.” – Josh Thompson | VP of Creative and Marketing

How do you make the list?

It’s all based completely on employee feedback. An independent third party, Quantum Workplace, sends out a survey at the company’s request. The survey includes rankings and comments on things like team effectiveness, senior leadership, work recognition, and benefits. Employee rankings are then mathed by mathing type people to get your company’s score.

To make the list, your company needs to be rated in the top of your company’s size category (based on number of employees).

What does this mean for Oodle?

You mean other than (still) being awesome?

  • It means we’re recognized in the city for being, truly, a great place to work.
  • It allows us to attract and retain top talent in the city (and in Denver).
  • It shows that the Oodle team loves what they do and they’re great at it.
  • And maybe most importantly, shows our team loves the company as a whole, the leadership, the culture, and especially the beer fridge (that’s likely covered in cobwebs #quarantine).

Better People. Better Work. Happier Clients.

When you have a team of the best creatives, strategizers, analysts, developers, and account executives who love what they do and where they work, they do the best work. We have a history of happy clients that keep coming back because we consistently deliver great results.

Thank you to everyone who makes our success possible. Cheers to the Oodle team. Enjoy a drink tonight, on us.