Why hire a Marketing Agency?


Not seeing the results you want from your current marketing efforts? Hearing crickets instead of seeing sales? It’s probably time for a marketing strategy refresh. But here’s the crux: do you hire full-time dedicated pros or outsource to a professional marketing agency?

We say: hire a marketing agency. For most businesses, hiring a skilled shop can produce better results more efficiently. Let us give you a few reasons why. Six, actually. Here are our top reasons to hire a marketing agency.

1. It’s Cost Effective

When you factor in salary, benefits and overhead costs, the price of hiring a marketing agency is almost always lower than employing a marketing team or executive full time.

The average yearly cost for a single full-time marketing manager in the US easily reaches six figures Compare that to a monthly retainer fee for a reputable marketing agency, and you’ll quickly see how much more you can get for your investment in an agency relationship.

2. It’s Efficient

When you hire a marketing agency to manage your marketing efforts, you get a dynamic team of professionals with a wide range of skills—branding experts, strategists, copywriters, designers, web developers, digital marketing specialists, and more.

This frees up your employee team to focus solely on what they do best, while the agency concentrates on driving your business forward. A dedicated marketing agency team will dive deep into your business so they can translate your objectives into marketing strategy. We do our research, learn the industry and get to know your target audience so we can tailor your marketing strategy to reach the right people in unique ways.

3. Marketing Agencies are Highly Specialized

Marketing agencies like us eat, sleep and breathe marketing. It’s literally a marketing agency’s job to be excellent at what we do.

Agencies have entire teams of experts focused on each individual channel, versus expecting one or two people to know and do it all. A marketing agency can separate social media management from copy and creative, programmatic digital marketing from paid search so you get specialized expertise on each point of the funnel, working together to make one fluid, synergistic marketing program.

4. We Help You Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

The digital marketing industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Marketing agencies geek out on the latest trends in digital marketing and technology.

To stay on top of the latest, we invest time and money into research and education so we’re always one step ahead. And because we’re executing across many clients at all times, we’ve seen real-time what works and what doesn’t–so we can apply those invaluable learnings to your brand.

5. It’s Low-Risk

Hiring a marketing agency is lower-risk than employing a marketing specialist full-time. You’re more committed to a permanent hire and you have to take their word that they’ve got the chops they tout. What if your new employee can’t do what they said they can? What if you don’t mesh as a team?

Agencies generally have more proof points than an individual. When you research marketing agencies to partner with, you’ll find case studies, testimonials and proven results that show they’re good at what they do. In the event that it still doesn’t work out with the agency you’ve chosen, it’s ok. Once you’ve taken care of any outstanding invoices, you’re both free to go your separate ways.

6. It’s Flexible and Scalable

Agencies are dynamic collections of talented resources. Have a big need that popped up fast? We have a big team at the ready to pull in. Coasting through the next quarter? That’s ok too. We can thin out to our skeleton crew until new needs arise.

The same goes for speciality talent. Website redesign on the horizon? Let us call in our UX and development specialists. Oh, you need a seasonal social campaign to run across multiple platforms? That’s a different skill set and we have resources for that too. The point is, we can change our team lineup to fit your latest needs and initiatives.

Still on the fence about hiring a marketing agency to revamp your marketing strategy and boost results? Drop us a line. Our team of seasoned specialists and digital marketing gurus would love a chance to convince you.