Top 6 Viral Videos that We Can’t Stop Watching


It’s Friday. The week is blissfully close to being over. We’ve worked hard, we’ve played hard, then worked hard again… but, truth be told, we’ve wasted a little time here and there. It’s no surprise – it’s how we stay sane in the (sometimes) crazy world of marketing. Admit it, it’s how you stay sane too, right? Therefore, in an effort to hasten the weekend’s official start, we thought we’d lend you one final sanity break with this slight departure from our regularly scheduled marketing content. And because at the end of the day (er, week), we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Here at Oodle, like any other workplace, between hours of design, development and social media strategy, we need time to catch a laugh and avoid work for a few minutes. With a Ping-Pong table, Hearthstone downloaded on many of the computers, and even the occasional Happy Hour, we’re always spreading viral videos around the office to provide everyone a quick laugh and distraction from their work.

So without further ado, here are our top 6 videos that have wasted the most time here at Oodle:



Would you LOOK AT THAT? Would you just LOOK AT IT?! These words can be heard around the office. From Development to Design, when the situation calls for it, sometimes you just need to “Look at it!” There are so many minor changes that occur between these two departments that adding even the slightest bit of humor is almost mandatory. This sort of sarcastic humor is not uncommon around here.

In reality, we’re really just a bunch of big kids waiting for the next opportunity to play a prank on each other. Whether it’s Saran-wrapping packing peanuts inside someone’s desk cubicle, “Nickolas Caging” someone’s desktop, or even removing a long-awaited Apple watch from its brand-new packaging before its future owner has a chance to open it, there’s never a dull moment.  



Despite our heavy workloads and never-ending meetings, we always find time to sit down and watch the Annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). As an Apple-device-loving company, we always spend the weeks following the event talking about and exploring all the changes and new devices that Apple revealed at the conference.

Because we have seen so many of these conferences, we have become accustomed to Tim Cook’s cheesy jokes, the almost weekly software updates following the release of the newest iOS, and of course, Jony Ive. His black, gray or “off-colored” V-necks, his never-ending need to “redesign things,” and his inspirational speeches that make you want to buy just about anything from him. But in 2015, the icing on the cake wasn’t JUST the Apple Watch, it was Ikea’s own Chief Design Guru introducing the bookbookTM.



Most of us here are pet owners – we even have our own Oodle office dog, Lucy – so we can relate with this video that lets us hear what we can only assume is what our pets are really thinking. Sometimes it even seems that office pets’ moods actually dictate the mood of the office. We always look forward to the days when Lucy, official Office Spirit Animal, is carousing around happy and playful. But the days when we have three to four dogs running around our office? That’s when it gets really interesting… For one dog in particular, Isaac, we often use the voice of Doug from Disney’s UP to narrate what we think he’s saying. If you met him, you’d completely understand. This video really hits home with a lot of things for us.



We all know Miley Cyrus’s many wild and crazy antics, from revealing outfits, risqué performances and much, much more. “Wrecking Ball,” one of her top songs from her 2013 Bangerz album and one I admit to having on my playlist, became an Internet sensation during its day (I wonder why). While watching many of these parodies, a few of us here at Oodle often muse about creating our own version of the “Wrecking Ball” video. This parody involves us soaring around on our office chairs and changing its simple lyrics to reflect our own day-to-day work-related wrecking balls. Sadly, said video has never been made. Yet.



As a predominantly web-based firm, we deal with the world of Google every day. And as professionals, we find ourselves asking Google work-related questions quite often. But with every work-related question, there are, of course, other random questions that poor Google has to find an answer for: “How to dress your hotdog,” “Hearthstone strategy,” “Apple predictions,” “cats stealing dog beds,” “acorn squash alfredo,” “slow clap gif”… the list goes on. And so does this Google Guy series (oh yes, part two and three).



This video goes WAYYY back in Oodle history. This cat’s poor choice, the perfectly timed and chosen music… it still gets the most laughs from us. So much so, that on the really hard days of project work or even the stress from everyday life situations, this video is a personal favorite to watch to just make myself laugh. I often share the video with other people who I see also need a little cheering up, because let’s face it – that cat is having a harder day than any of us are.