Oodle Scores Exclusive Google Partnership


We are excited to announce that Oodle has been selected as a 2023 Google Premier Partner, a prestigious recognition awarded to only the top 3% of participating companies in the US! This exclusive partnership unlocks powerful resources and training that will enable us to take our service to new heights and deliver even more exceptional results for our clients.

What does this mean for your business?

Reaching Google Premier Partner status is a significant achievement for any digital marketing agency. It shows that the agency has demonstrated expertise in Google Ads, met specific performance requirements, and delivered excellent customer service. As a result, partners who work with us can expect to receive well-thought-out digital marketing services that are tailored to meet their unique business goals. Additionally, our access to exclusive training and support from Google gives us an edge over other agencies when it comes to delivering high-quality campaigns maximized for ROI.

Overall, reaching Google Premier Partner status is a testament to an agency’s dedication to providing top-tier digital marketing services and can greatly benefit clients seeking to improve their online presence and drive business growth.

So, how does a company become a Premier Partner?

Google considers several factors to determine the top 3% performers, including: 

  1. Existing Client Growth: Oodle has cultivated strong relationships with existing partners to foster growth and success, empowering them to reach higher goals year after year.
  2. New Client Growth: Oodle has helped new partners reach unprecedented business growth and brand visibility.
  3. Client Retention: At Oodle, we’re proud to have created and maintained meaningful client partnerships reflected through the continued growth of our Google Ads accounts.
  4. Product Diversification: Our investment in product mix beyond Search has helped our partners reach a wider audience and meet their marketing objectives. Allocating a percentage of non-Search spend towards YouTube, Display & Video 360, Apps, and Shopping campaigns has allowed us all to reach significant success over a range of channels — proving the huge value these investments can provide!
  5. Annual Ad Spend: Oodle has consistently invested in Google Ads and the Google Marketing Platform across managed accounts each calendar year, showing our commitment to delivering high-quality service and results to our client partners. This investment has enabled us to drive growth and achieve premier partner status.

Oodle is proud to have earned the title of 2023 Google Premier Partner and we can’t wait to continue delivering exceptional results for our clients! We are incredibly proud of the entire team’s hard work and dedication and fully expect this to be the first of many premier partnerships.